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Five Songs for the Faceless Masses.

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Gabby LaLa is a Californian multi-instrumentalist (She plays the sitar, the ukulele, toy piano, and accordian for starters) signed under Les Claypool's label. True to the nature of her mentor's musical style (Les is of Primus), Gabby's work is lighthearted, perplexing and awesome. Sometimes called "Hello Kitty Rock," if that gives you an idea of the style.

Walkie, Walkie, Walkie and Golden Flea, by Gabby LaLa.

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I like Goldfrapp because I don't have to really think very hard about it. It's...smooth, but not Yacht Rock smooth--which is a shame the more I think about it.

Ride On A White Horse and Ooh La La, by Goldfrapp.

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No explanation necessary for Fred Savage.

The Wonder Years, by Joe Cocker.
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People seem to respond better to posts with pictures. Too lazy to read or something. I'm just saying

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What Would I Say In Your Funeral, by Mugison is an awesome slow song by a very promising Icelandic musician. It's from his latest cd, Is This Monkey Music, and showcases his way with words and unusual view on life. Check out his website for more songs (I definitely suggest Patrick Swayze from Niceland. Awesome piece).

Impossible (theme song for MI3), by Kanye West feat. Twista, Keyshia Cole and BJ. Kanye just has a way with samples man. I enjoy his work so much. No picture because I couldn't find a really good one. Besides, you know what he looks like.

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Wuthering Heights, by Kate Bush. Her first big hit back in 1978, this song is based on the miniseries and book--which I hated so much--and has a sweet, dreamy quality to it. Plus, it has two of the ill-est music videos around. Seriously, check out this fogalicious white version and then watch the Stevie Nicks red version available to the side.

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A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, by Andrew Bird. A violinist from outside of Chicago, he recorded his latest work in the bathroom of his farmhouse. Seriously, this shit is killer. If nothing else, download this one. Mr. Bird doesn't disappoint. Plus? He's incredibly tasty looking. Come on, be shallow.
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Beware the Ides of March

Black Betty, by Ram Jam. Now this is rock music worth listening to. A 70s cover of a 1930s black work song. It also has a gong in it, what else do you need?

Louisian-I-Ay, by the New Melbourne Jazz Band. There is a bit of controversy as to the origin of the naming of Jazz (although I am a firm believer that Jazz or 'Jass' as it was first written was named for the jasmine perfume of the prostitutes present in the brothels that original jazz bands would play in), there is no doubt as to its birthplace: New Orleans. I love jazz and will definitely post more as time goes on. I've got about 13 different kinds of jazz available to me to torment people with.

Bucky Done Gun, by M.I.A. Not my favorite M.I.A. song (although I really do like it a lot) I figure it's good to make sure that everyone has a copy of the original before linking you to the remix of this song. I'll eventually post more stuff by her since I feel that her message is important and that her work is phenomenal.

Allen is a musician/producer just getting his start while he finishes up college in my neck of the woods (Illinois). He's most famous for his remixes, his latest is of Bucky Done Gun and is amazingly peppy (although he doesn't keep the Rocky samples which makes for an interesting shift in tone) and fun. I actually prefer his Santa Monica remix of Helicopter, by Bloc Party to the original (not that that's difficult since I'm incredibly indifferent to Bloc Party to begin with). The Girls of Pop remixes are good, too. His original work is very electronica/funk and solid groove tunes for when you're so high that you can't get be bothered to get off the couch and change the music.
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Where do I go?

Prince - Little Red Corvette. One of my favorite Prince songs. Homeboy knows how to keep the party going afterhours.

Franz Ferdinand - This Boy. I have a thing for simple repetitiion and these boys satisfy that with this song. Nice and catchy, it's probably a single of theirs. I wouldn't know, I don't have a radio.

Fannypack - Keep It Up. I love cheerleading chants, drumline, and step so mixing that together with a creative use of basketball sounds and whistle always makes me happy. Happy hip hop. Excellent.

Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor. Because Celtic Rock is always appropriate.
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I'm currently getting a B in my Human Biology course

Oceania (Remix), by Björk feat. Kelis: Kelis has such a smooth jazzy voice that while her music isn't my thing generally, I still enjoy listening to her. Mix her with Björk and you have a very interesting song.

My Favorite Things, by Björk: Seemingly done on the fly, this is a very messy recording of My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music. Slow and often incomprehensible, Björk cries through the entire recitation. Fascinating.

Funny Little Frog, by Belle & Sebastian: Supposedly, when two screenwriters are credited with writing a script, if it has an ampersand that means that they both collaborated together on the piece while if it simply has an "and" then the two both worked on the script but not together or at the same time. Meanwhile, this song is a cute, peppy ditty that makes me smile.

Chicken Payback, by the Bees: Absolutely awesome song in the style of fifties rock and roll hits but, you know, from the twentieth first century. Like I couldn't love a song that tells me to pay back the donkey.

P.S. -- If anyone has Be Careful What You Wish For by Gabrielle Lala, I will be in your debt. Or just really really grateful. I leaning towards the latter.
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Ooh Oh ( La La)

This Will Be Our Year, by the Zombies.

And This Will Be Our Year, by Ok Go. I have a thing for songs that are remakes and comparing them to the original recording. These two are nice because while they are the same song, the interpretations are unique enough that I can enjoy both as separate entities. It probably also helps that I have a gigantic brain crush on Ok Go--although I must admit that I still prefer the Zombies' version. There's just something about it.

Let Me Be Your Dirty Fucking Whore, by Machine Gun Fellatio Not indicative of the majority of their work but I have a soft spot for songs recorded to sound like they were recorded seventy plus years ago. Especially when they're ridiculously and horribly obscene.
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Good enough for me.

Someone actually gave me posting power in this community. This should be fun.

Alright then, considering that it is a fine Thursday evening where I am and I have just finished an hour of repetitive Chinese listening (there is only so many times a body can listen to some woman say "Guo - Gou" before needing to listen to cheesy 80s pop before the tonal shifts go away), I figure that a music post might be fun. Since my musical tastes are spastic and about as refined as a toga party, just expect a lot of variety.

Grow Sound Tree, by OOIOO. The first time I listened to this song, the opening minute sliced through my brain. My eye twitched, my ears were ringing and from then on I was in love. Avant Garde music does not get enough love.

Ok, I've tortured myself enough here. It's now time to do something else.

EDIT: Damn it all to pieces, what the hell is a cda? Stupid old burn programs, making perfectly good mp3s these bizarre whatever the hells. Here are some replacements while I figure out how to rip those songs back on to my computer without making my computer crash. Again.

The Hounds of Love, by the Futureheads. So emo it has emo handclaps. Go and listen to the British accents and emo.

Foxes, by Celebration. I don't even know what to say about this. I don't even know if the band's name is actually Celebration or if it's supposed to be Celebration by the Foxes. It doesn't really matter.