_ (pxy) wrote in _backseatbingo,

1 1 4 M B I H A T E E L E V A T O R M U S I C J O H N B r e m i x e s t o r i a m o s w h e n e v e r i m a l o n e w i t h y o u
Tags: incoherence, john b, pxy, remix, tori amos

  • (no subject)

  • (no subject)

    ideas / suggestions (sticky) * piano (miss retro) * the war on * lullaby * [thing] is dead, long live [thing] * earbleed * spoken word * 70s…

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    The Mountain Goats - No Children In my life, I hope I lie, and tell everyone you were a good wife. And I hope you die, I hope we both die. Etta…

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