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Music · Is · Better · With · Us

May 30th, 2006

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thenightterrors writes:

"g'day again.
just 'cause i know most of you like all that mp3-sharing-type-thing, there's a couple of links i'd like to share.
first. the brian jonestown massacre (mainly anton newcombe, known to most people as 'the crazy guy from DiG') have free mp3s of their work on their website. as far as what to download goes, everything on 'bravery, repitition and noise' is fuckin' fantastic.
second. i don't know if any of you have heard of them, but can were a very influentual german group in the seventies. they're very experimental, and their best album has been posted online by someone, i don't know who. they're all pretty big tracks, so i'd recommend downloading 'paperhouse' first. it's only 10mbs.
third. there's a useful tool for finding mp3s on the net that i found, it's called g2p.org. it's pretty good."

Thought I would share! :)

PS - The BJM site has heaps of other artists' random tracks as well!
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Said The Gramaphone Logo

"about said the gramophone

this is a daily sampler of really good songs.
all tracks are posted out of love.
please go out and buy the records!

said the gramophone launched in march 2003,
and added songs in november of that year.
it was one of the world's very first mp3blogs."


All I can hear over the screaming in my mind is:
Snow Patrol
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