March 5th, 2006


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Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.

I've uploaded this a squillion times, but someone requested it, so heres your ysi leftover.

It takes me 15 minutes to upload ONE FRIGGIN SONG, so I'm sorry that all I do is write down and perfect my posts, so I'm sorry I don't just say to myself "SHUT UP! Any music is better than none!"


The point is - screw members only, and screw having to request to post. Everyone can see the entries, and everyone can post.

So go nuts!


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Hi everyone.

I'm glad that this community is becoming more active, maybe. Just a note - I based it on one of the greatest communities ever, ____rhapsodical, and I would like us to take up their tagging system. I thought it was crazy in the beginning to include the username, artist(s), and announcement(optional) in the tags, but now I think its useful to keep track of too much indie wank, etc.

While reading some old school Questionable Content, I came across this Ultimate Fantastic Supreme Band called Deerhoof. You can download heaps of their tracks HERE. They have a rock-meets-pop-meets j-pop-but-not meets-Mogwai-meets-Ratatat-meets-Le Tigre feel, which I believe is good. I love post-post-ironic bands! < /qc>

Pandora is a hardcorely-brilliant site that lets you listen to your favourite music for free and makes other good music magically pops up also! I don't think it's very dial-up friendly, but I really like the concept, and the fact that you can set up personalised stations, without signing up for anything (I think).

And finally, Matador. This is me in website form. Random groovy music thrown up without much time given, free and wonderful love for every man and his dog.

¡Adiós para siempre, usted bastardos!