March 4th, 2006

Blank Stare

I'm currently getting a B in my Human Biology course

Oceania (Remix), by Björk feat. Kelis: Kelis has such a smooth jazzy voice that while her music isn't my thing generally, I still enjoy listening to her. Mix her with Björk and you have a very interesting song.

My Favorite Things, by Björk: Seemingly done on the fly, this is a very messy recording of My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music. Slow and often incomprehensible, Björk cries through the entire recitation. Fascinating.

Funny Little Frog, by Belle & Sebastian: Supposedly, when two screenwriters are credited with writing a script, if it has an ampersand that means that they both collaborated together on the piece while if it simply has an "and" then the two both worked on the script but not together or at the same time. Meanwhile, this song is a cute, peppy ditty that makes me smile.

Chicken Payback, by the Bees: Absolutely awesome song in the style of fifties rock and roll hits but, you know, from the twentieth first century. Like I couldn't love a song that tells me to pay back the donkey.

P.S. -- If anyone has Be Careful What You Wish For by Gabrielle Lala, I will be in your debt. Or just really really grateful. I leaning towards the latter.