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People seem to respond better to posts with pictures. Too lazy to read or something. I'm just saying

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What Would I Say In Your Funeral, by Mugison is an awesome slow song by a very promising Icelandic musician. It's from his latest cd, Is This Monkey Music, and showcases his way with words and unusual view on life. Check out his website for more songs (I definitely suggest Patrick Swayze from Niceland. Awesome piece).

Impossible (theme song for MI3), by Kanye West feat. Twista, Keyshia Cole and BJ. Kanye just has a way with samples man. I enjoy his work so much. No picture because I couldn't find a really good one. Besides, you know what he looks like.

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Wuthering Heights, by Kate Bush. Her first big hit back in 1978, this song is based on the miniseries and book--which I hated so much--and has a sweet, dreamy quality to it. Plus, it has two of the ill-est music videos around. Seriously, check out this fogalicious white version and then watch the Stevie Nicks red version available to the side.

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A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, by Andrew Bird. A violinist from outside of Chicago, he recorded his latest work in the bathroom of his farmhouse. Seriously, this shit is killer. If nothing else, download this one. Mr. Bird doesn't disappoint. Plus? He's incredibly tasty looking. Come on, be shallow.
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