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Beware the Ides of March

Black Betty, by Ram Jam. Now this is rock music worth listening to. A 70s cover of a 1930s black work song. It also has a gong in it, what else do you need?

Louisian-I-Ay, by the New Melbourne Jazz Band. There is a bit of controversy as to the origin of the naming of Jazz (although I am a firm believer that Jazz or 'Jass' as it was first written was named for the jasmine perfume of the prostitutes present in the brothels that original jazz bands would play in), there is no doubt as to its birthplace: New Orleans. I love jazz and will definitely post more as time goes on. I've got about 13 different kinds of jazz available to me to torment people with.

Bucky Done Gun, by M.I.A. Not my favorite M.I.A. song (although I really do like it a lot) I figure it's good to make sure that everyone has a copy of the original before linking you to the remix of this song. I'll eventually post more stuff by her since I feel that her message is important and that her work is phenomenal.

Allen is a musician/producer just getting his start while he finishes up college in my neck of the woods (Illinois). He's most famous for his remixes, his latest is of Bucky Done Gun and is amazingly peppy (although he doesn't keep the Rocky samples which makes for an interesting shift in tone) and fun. I actually prefer his Santa Monica remix of Helicopter, by Bloc Party to the original (not that that's difficult since I'm incredibly indifferent to Bloc Party to begin with). The Girls of Pop remixes are good, too. His original work is very electronica/funk and solid groove tunes for when you're so high that you can't get be bothered to get off the couch and change the music.
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