Boston: Not a city for the clueless

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Tired of questions like these in b0st0n and related communities?

"Hi, OMFG, I know it's August but I need to find a place by September 1 and it shouldn't cost more than $500, needs to be near the Red Line and have off-street parking. Oh, and I don't want to live with roommates. Can anyone help me?"
"Can I survive in Boston on <absurdly low amount of money>? I'll need to keep my car so I can go home to visit my parents once a month."
"Where can I buy <illegal drug of choice>?"
"Where can I buy a fake ID?"
"Can you tell me <random fact easily findable on the MBTA web site>?"

Then _b0st0n_snark is the place for you. Also feel free to snark about stupid behavior you've observed in Boston or its surroundings, or dumb statements or actions by public officials or others in the public eye like journalists.

Although this is a community where we poke fun at people, please "play nice" according to the rules of LiveJournal. Have consideration for other people who read and post here. Place large images behind a link or an LJ-cut. Images that would be considered non-worksafe or non-kid-safe have no place here. Remember what "snarking" means; while snarking is a form of put-down, it is not the same as simple insults or flaming. When you post, at least make an attempt at being witty. And keep things on-topic.

This will hopefully be a community in the tradition of dot_cattiness, from which I got the idea. We can only aspire to such greatness. Big tip o' the hat to those fine folks.

If you can't deal with cattiness and bitchiness, then this is not the place for you. And if you dish it out, be prepared to take it in return.

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