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Dedicated To Stopping Graphic Theft...

One Graphic Thief At A Time! ~ YOU Can Help.

A Community Against Graphic Theft!
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If you're reading this, that means you have either been a victim of graphic theft, and have had enough OR you are aware of how serious the problem is, and would like to put an end to it before you become another victim.
You're in luck, because you've come to the right community.
This community is dedicated to spreading the awareness on graphic theft and how wrong it is. To all graphic designers who demand credit where credit is due but fail to receive it, join our voice. Help US to help YOU. Help us in putting a stop to graphic theft...one graphic thief at a time!

oo1. Please post a link to the user's journal or userinfo. If you don't then please edit you're post to do so.

oo2. If you know the maker of the graphic that the person has stolen,please also include that in the post. We will notify the maker either with a link to this community or a link to the person's journal.

oo3. If there are more then 3-5 users that you are reporting in one post, please use an Lj-cut.

oo4. If any of the graphics contain nudity,vulgarity,racism,self-harm,offensive language,ect. please put it behind a cut or make a simple warning before we click on the link. This is extremely important. We don't want to offend anyone.

oo5. If you are not the person posting please don't go to the graphic stealer's journal and yell at them to credit. If you simply see that no one has notified the person about the graphic then you may Nicely tell them about it.

oo6. When telling people that they stole something. Please include how to fix it (tell them to credit). Some people are unaware of crediting,so try and tell them how to! You may also give them the direct link to the post about them

oo7. Update From March o2,2oo5: If you are a maintainer of a community, please don't post your entire list of banned members. Only post those who were banned for stealing graphics. This has become an issue and I would like to clear it up! Thank you <3.

More 'rules' will come if we can't keep a decent community.
A major rule we expect you to follow is: Don't promote any communities in here.

There are plenty of promoting communities out there for you to do so.

List of Stealers

x_glamour_x ++ Kaleigh





More to come. Feel free to e-mail me your designs!


Want to become an affiliate of this community? Please comment on: This Entry.

The layout was generously provided by _sommeil's free layout community spiralbound_lj. Im sure you all know the community! Thanks Lauren.

We are growing at a rapid pace, but considering how many graphic thiefs are out there, communities like this one cannot seem to grow fast enough.
Spread the word. By spreading the word you are spreading the awareness of how wrong graphic theft really is.

Remember: The more we grow, the more virtual space we cover. The more space we cover, the more members we get to.
The more we are able to do that, the better our chances in stopping the culprits. One graphic stealing thief at a time!