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Dedicated To Stopping Graphic Theft... [entries|friends|calendar]
A Community Against Graphic Theft!

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QuoteXwhore13 Xanga [
6/11/08 at 5pm

Hmm. I'm kinda new at this, so if I'm out of the loop or something then I'm sorry to bother, but this doesn't seem quite right.

Came across this Xanga site, QuoteXwhore13, and recognized icons from alllll over livejournal ( iiconsarelovee, massandesigns, dizzycolors, whoafriction, and filmfreak16 are just a few I recognized right off the bat ).

I'm not very familiar with Xanga, but I'm pretty sure all the images are non-credited and hot-linked.

So, yeah. o.o I haven't contacted QuoteXwhore13 yet, I wanted to get a few other peoples take on it first. I haven't had to deal with theft before, and sooo many other makers icons are posted there as well I wasn't quite sure how to proceed.

2/11/08 at 3pm

Hello, its your friendly mod here :) So I was in bed the other night thinking how wonderful the Lj spotlight can be a wonderful tool for this community! I would love, of course you dont have to, if you guys sent a request to be featured on the LJ spotlight! We could get the word out more. Of course I would need another mod to help me if that did end up happen, so how about it?!


Updated list of stealers [
1/31/08 at 2pm

Hey guys. It's been a few years since the official list of stealers was updated (!!), and I was bored, so I decided to go ahead and make an updated list. I thought it might be helpful. I did not include journals or communities that have been deleted and purged, nor people who made one mistake and quickly fixed it. If there's anyone I forgot or anyone you think I should have included, please let me know. By the way, the links to the posts open in a new window/tab (depends on your browser settings).

The listCollapse )

is reporting hotlinkers here ok?? [
12/6/07 at 9am
If so...

After being narcissistic enough to Google my own tag, I came upon this site, where the users are posting icons from the tv show Supernatural and at least one of the users is hotlinking in an entire post.

See? Sometimes self-absorption pays off! ;)

11/28/07 at 3pm

flyaway_x_x took my idea of these blended graphics from my livejournal and used it in her graphics community wickid_x I also have a similar graphic on myjuggalospace which she frequently visits. Both are used as a profile header. I wonder where she got the idea.

hereCollapse )

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