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Hmm. I'm kinda new at this, so if I'm out of the loop or something then I'm sorry to bother, but this doesn't seem quite right.

Came across this Xanga site, QuoteXwhore13, and recognized icons from alllll over livejournal ( iiconsarelovee, massandesigns, dizzycolors, whoafriction, and filmfreak16 are just a few I recognized right off the bat ).

I'm not very familiar with Xanga, but I'm pretty sure all the images are non-credited and hot-linked.

So, yeah. o.o I haven't contacted QuoteXwhore13 yet, I wanted to get a few other peoples take on it first. I haven't had to deal with theft before, and sooo many other makers icons are posted there as well I wasn't quite sure how to proceed.
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Hello, its your friendly mod here :) So I was in bed the other night thinking how wonderful the Lj spotlight can be a wonderful tool for this community! I would love, of course you dont have to, if you guys sent a request to be featured on the LJ spotlight! We could get the word out more. Of course I would need another mod to help me if that did end up happen, so how about it?!

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Updated list of stealers

Hey guys. It's been a few years since the official list of stealers was updated (!!), and I was bored, so I decided to go ahead and make an updated list. I thought it might be helpful. I did not include journals or communities that have been deleted and purged, nor people who made one mistake and quickly fixed it. If there's anyone I forgot or anyone you think I should have included, please let me know. By the way, the links to the posts open in a new window/tab (depends on your browser settings).

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i'm sorry ..

I know this is a graphic stealing community - not some faker outer place - and I figured while we were on the subject of dreamsndestiny (and ive seen stuff about her on other communities) ... i don't have proof but I'm really convinced that this is tearsmist I've rejected this chick several times from my communities and just seeing other users come and go ..
after tearsmist was outed and we never heard from her we started seeing jodster111 popping up requesting icons of tearsmist's kids claiming she was tearsmist's sister. and of course where do the icons end up? tearsmist's GJ.
Well there's some connections that make me think this .. jodster111 has ysabels_mommy friended who i swear ive seen @ one point tearsmist have friended .. but who also has dreamsndestiny ...

I'm sorry that probably makes like NO sense .. but yeah all in all all of these people have maybe like a max of 5 friends and they're all connected some how .. so there's gotta be something somewhere. It's always been just real fishy too me But yeah we all know what tearsmist did so .. I'd just watch out.

ETA: http://community.livejournal.com/nouglykides/19160.html?thread=222680#t222680 that should be another clue right there *sigh*
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Picture Theft

Evidently Ms. dreamsndestiny has been providing pictures of my children to icon makers and claiming them as her own. I have contacted the icon makers already as well as the mods to the communities, so I shan't bother putting their names here. However, I felt her name should be put on this community.

Any of those who are making icons, if you get her requesting one, you may wish to reconsider making one for her.

Thank you all!

EDIT: I just found her photo bucket and take a look at all the pictures of mine she has stolen: http://s89.photobucket.com/albums/k219/katiasstuff/

Here is my photo stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/narilia/sets/620267/

Another EDIT: Salute can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/narilia/502372930/

Yeah, I know, I look terrible. At least my children are cute. *G*

Oh...and don't ever attempt to take a timed photograph with two children that young unless you WANT to be frustrated!

Yet another EDIT!: It just keeps getting better and better. Look what I found!


And MY original picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/narilia/28860716/in/set-620267/


My icon says it all.

2 days ago I’ve discovered that Lycole stole my favorite icon and uses it as his/her default icon in his/her profile on y!Gallery (WARNING!!! Since this is a yaoi site, it may contain NSWF images!!!). I called him/her on that telling that I don’t share my icons and that s/he should remove it. In response, I’ve been informed that his/her fiancé made it and it’s a coincidence they look similar. I compared those two in Photoshop, they are identical in every aspect, the only difference is the size (100x100 vs 80x80) and extension (.png vs .gif). Once again I demanded from him/her to remove the icon. Once again I’ve been informed that this is a coincidence, those icons are not the same icon and that if I want to press the subject, that it’s his/her fiancé I should talk about this, as she is the one that ‘made’ it. The icon will not be removed, s/he witnessed the creation, there is no way to say for sure that this is the same icon, end of story.

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