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_b_o_s_'s Journal

Book Of Shadows
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Merry Meet
Merry Part
and Merry Meet Again

This Community is for all of us influenced by or interested in Wicca and Pagan religions.
This is intended as a place to post Spells, Poetry, Wiccan/Pagan Images, and Quotes.
This is intended as an open and welcoming place for Witches of all skill levels from beginner to High Priests and Priestesses.
Please feel free to assist each other in anything you see fit.
Do not harrass anyone.
Mind the Wiccan Rede. and the Rule of Threes.
That which is said within the circle is to stay within the circle. Respect others' privacy. This is non-negotiable. This means do not go to personal journals and harass ANYONE.
We request that you are at least 18 years of age due to the maturity that Wicca requires.
This is NOT for people that are not willing to respect the wiccan laws, and work within the limitations set by the Moderators.
If you think you can run this community better please go create your OWN community and we will watch from afar.

It is a REQUIREMENT that you respect the moderators of this community and do not over step your lines.
We do not intend to give warnings for common sense things. You will be removed. [PERIOD.]

Any one Caught disobeying the laws will be warned but once.
Continuing in your path of darkness will get you removed.
If you continue to harass anyone you can forget banning Miss Rae does do binding very well.

An It Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt

Please respect others and their rights to neat and organized friends pages and use the lj cut for large images, or long posts. Generally anything over one or two paragraphs should be cut out of respect.

The Livejournal Cut is very simple to operate. Simply paste the following into your post <lj-cut="Continue Reading"> and you will save your mods alot of headaches. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask your mods or your fellow members.

Upon joining this community we politely request that you fill out a simple Introduction survey so we may know who you are.
If this is not done within one week you will be reminded gently to please fill it out.
If you still do not you will be removed and may rejoin (you will only be allowed to rejoin once.)

The Survey
Skill Level:
Years practicing:
Any thing else?

Please bold the questions to make it easier to read... Thank you

Your Mods.
Raevyn Rayne - "Rae" (Aodán Bran)
Creator and Main Moderator.
Layout Designer
Approves new applicants
Removes users.
LJ Name: raven665
Email: raven665@livejournal.com
(messanger names unavailable due to personal problems. If you wish to contact me please comment to me and I will provide you with my info)

Kalih (Eibhlín Róisín)
Third Moderator
Assists with removal of users.
Other things as needed.
LJ name: _kalih_ma_
Email: glorificus24@aol.com
AIM name: Velaska24

Celebrate Diversity

Faeries Welcome!

Many thanks to various sites for their graphics... If you'd like for me to credit you please ask.