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Bitches Obsessed with BOB from mcr's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Bitches Obsessed with BOB from mcr

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[05 Jan 2006|04:23pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello everyone!

My name is Allison, and although my favorite isn't Bob (even though I do believe he is an AMAZING guy! - don't beat me. lol) I have come souly to propose something to all of you whose favorite IS Bob, because, frankly, I'm lacking comments to him.

Speaking of comments!! The offer I have brought with me is an oppurtunity for you to say something to Bob - whatever you want.

-I'm don't have a lot of comments to him.. and I feel bad, so I figured a community with "bitches obessed with Bob Bryar" I thought you guys might have a few. 

My box.Collapse )

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [30 Dec 2005|11:53pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ... Well at least in a few minutes.
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[28 Dec 2005|03:41am]

Love Bob? (Well, of course you do, you're a member of this community.)
Love slash?

title or description

Not only does Bob not get enough love in general, he definately doesn't get enough *slashy* love. So please join and feel free to post and comment on slashy Bob fics. :)

Note: If someone made me a Bob layout to use for the community I'd write them a slash fic of the mcr pairing of their choice....;)
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yo! [23 Dec 2005|11:09pm]

NAME/AGE: Steph//16
COUNTRY: Canada Eh.
FAV SONG BY MCR: It's Not A Fashion Statement It's A Deathwish
ARE YOU A REAL FAN OF BOB OR YOU ARE JUST PASSING BY AND THOUGHT TO JOIN? I love Bob. He's awesome. I wish he'd speak more in interviews...;_;
YOU HATE: tweenie fangirls who know shit about MCR.
OTHER BANDS: Oingo Boingo, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Nine Inch Nails, Mindless Self Indulgence
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: You know. I have no idea. Completely forgot. Wow.
RANDOM STUFF: I played drums for a week in middle school, and kind of hated it. I respect drummers cause I can't do it AT ALL. NO coordination to speak of. NONE. I love watching them....
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[28 Nov 2005|11:02am]



ok so yesterday i went to the mcr concert in ottawa and i met the guys after it. Here's my story under the lj cut.


Frankie has a new guitard called "new", new hair for him and mmmm they did the same blabla at every show so nothing new with that. SO yeah here's my meet and greet with them and some pictures...


WOUH!Collapse )

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Newbie... [27 Nov 2005|07:40pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

NAME: Brieal, but everyone calls me Brie or Ali :)
AGE: 13
FAV SONG BY MCR: Demolition Lovers or Hang 'Em High
ARE YOU A REAL FAN OF BOB OR YOU ARE JUST PASSING BY AND THOUGHT TO JOIN? ... I so just walked by and decided to join... because you know I'm stupid like that... *rolls eyes* Lol. Sorry. I actually do love Bob.
YOU HATE: PINK! err... I mean... no... I love it? O_o
OTHER BANDS: Too many to name. The partial list is HERE
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: I looked up "Bob Bryar" under "Interests". Lucky me because this page showed up. :)
RANDOM STUFF: FUZZY SPLENDIFEROUS BEARS! Yes... fuzzy splendiferous bears... you read it right. :P

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[21 Nov 2005|09:27pm]

NAME/AGE: Tinna & 15
COUNTRY: Iceland
FAV SONG BY MCR: Err ... *thinks for gazillion years* 'Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us', 'Hang 'em High', 'Headfirst for Halos', 'Demolition Lovers', 'All I want for Christmas is you', 'Astro Zombies' ... you know the rest
YOU HATE: Alot of things [I'm full of hate]
OTHER BANDS: Marilyn Manson, The Rasmus, Green Day, Sign ... err and more?
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: A dude in a community I'm in, was in another community I checked out and err, then someone was promoting and I clicked because of my Bob-Love and joined.
RANDOM STUFF: No. Not now. X_X
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[13 Oct 2005|12:14am]

[/omg, stfugerard injoke! :O]

I apologize in advance for the crazy-hyperness that is this post.

dundundunnanunnanunna IT'S HI MY NAME IS TIIIME.
peace love and bob, for rizzle.
he's the most underappreciated band member i think ever.
except for steve hewitt.
(he's a drummer too.)

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[11 Oct 2005|09:27pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

My introductionCollapse )

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[28 Sep 2005|04:30pm]

[ mood | content ]

NAME/AGE: Vanessa/13
FAV SONG BY MCR: jeesh, umm...early sunsets over monroeville at the moment
ARE YOU A REAL FAN OF BOB OR YOU ARE JUST PASSING BY AND THOUGHT TO JOIN? i love bob! he's an amazing drummer, and is really nice.
YOU HATE: hypocrites. (sp?)
OTHER BANDS: Aiden, The Used, Velvet Revolver, Avenged Sevenfold, Misfits...i could go on and on
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: cuz i love bob, how else?
RANDOM STUFF: well, i've always liked bob, but i absolutely fell in love with him on saturday september 24. i was at the MCR concert in san antonio and i was near the side of the stage, out of the mosh during the opening acts. im way short so i was getting trampled. i was standing there with my sister, and out comes bob. nooobody cared, so i yelled really loud "BOB!!!!!!!!!!!" and he turned around and i yell again "I LOVE YOU!!!!!!" and he laughed and kept walking. that repeated two other times. he was the only one who actually cared to notice me screaming at the top of my lungs, so he's definitely the nicest of them (that i know of).

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[25 Sep 2005|01:14pm]


Okay, I get bored alot and I'm obsessed with making collages. So here is one of Bob...its shrunk down ALOT.


bob = awsomenessCollapse )

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[24 Sep 2005|10:56pm]


app.Collapse )

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much911 [20 Sep 2005|10:55pm]

Did anyone watched much 911 with the dude winning tickets for warped tour going backstage and interviewing MCR?

BOB TALKED! thats right girls! he talked.. it was so awsome i was like screaming in front of my tv and my parents was like "what the fuck" but YEAH!

he said something superduper sweet like the guy who was interviewing him,. even without experience he was better then most of the interviwer they had. LOL

and when the dude ask them if they would kiss Leah hahah i laughed so bad
Leah is a vj at muchmusic. she is gorgeous but so stupid.. like the typical blond girl..

dude: "would you kiss leah"
Leah *started to giggle*
Gerard: "i have a girlfriend" *hiding himself*
Frankie "yeah me too" *look at mikey and bob sitting beside him*
Mikey *look at them then say* oh i'm marry to Bob...
Bob: *had that face like "no.. but.. no.. i wanted.. but.. ahhhhhh*


yeah ok im done
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Bonjour [20 Sep 2005|01:35pm]

Application of doomCollapse )

Au revoir. ♥
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[18 Sep 2005|07:15pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Can he get any better?

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new member alert. [16 Sep 2005|05:17pm]

[ mood | calm ]

NAME/AGE: No way I'm giving away my horrid first name. So my nickname is stinn-jepha and I am the ripe age of 13.
COUNTRY: The United States
FAV SONG BY MCR: Either Demolition Lovers, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, or Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us.
ARE YOU A REAL FAN OF BOB OR YOU ARE JUST PASSING BY AND THOUGHT TO JOIN? Psh. I love Bob. He definately needs more credit. You know, it was only after Bob joined that MCR got really big.
YOU HATE: Annoying people who can't seem to spell.
OTHER BANDS: Uhm.. alittle way too many to list. But if you're curious, check my info.
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: Was looking at someones userinfo and saw this community.
RANDOM STUFF: a.) I'm vegetarian. b.) I like the first 150 pokemon because I'm quite the loser. And, c.) I act older than 13.

So. Hello. =)

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new member<3 [16 Sep 2005|12:50pm]

NAME/AGE: Olivia/13
FAV SONG BY MCR: Its Not A Fashion Statement Its A Deathwish or Demolition Lovers
YOU HATE: people that force their religions on other people
OTHER BANDS: The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, just to name a few.
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: I saw a link for it in the ___mikeyway community and i thought 'YAY a bob community'
RANDOM STUFF: i say rawr way too much.
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PROMOTION!! [15 Sep 2005|05:50pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey all..New member..and I come to you with a promotion for a role playing community..Sorry if this isnt aloud..Delete if so!!!

JOIN this community..Its set back in highschool..I play Bert McCracken!!! JOIN please!! We need more members!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[14 Sep 2005|10:57pm]

Did anyone else see this on the SURS blog? It is the cutest ever!!

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[10 Sep 2005|03:09pm]

Did anyone see the commercial on fuse for the t-shirt designing contest for mcr? Bob talked! haha. I was excited about it.
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