June 30th, 2008

Jet Star

Oh, hello!

NAME/AGE: Rayne--18
FAV SONG BY MCR: Gotta' be Thank You For The Venom.
ARE YOU A REAL FAN OF BOB OR YOU ARE JUST PASSING BY AND THOUGHT TO JOIN?: Bob is freaking awesome, and I wish more people liked him.
YOU HATE: Panic!At the Disco and current-day Fall Out Boy.
OTHER BANDS: Heheh. Green Day I suppose. Just check the profile.
HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: A friend knew of my rabid Bob-affections and told me of this place.
RANDOM STUFF: Bob has a picture that I made in his drumstick case. Ray Toro once e-mailed me from their myspace and thanked me for drawings that I made. He also told me where all of them keep their drawings, hence the I-know-where-Bob-keeps-it info above. I know a fair bit of Portuguese, and I have a twin brother who is gay.
I can...sort of play the guitar, and people say that I sing good, but I don't believe them. ^^