August 9th, 2006

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Who's Willing To Kill

during the making of MCR's new video on Thurs. Gerard and Bob had to be rushed to the hospital due to minor and major injuried, Gerard is suffering from a broken ankle and Bob had got it the worst suffering from 3 degree burns on is back, legs, arms, and knees. We are not sure if Bob will ever be able to play again do to these major injures but lets all hope for the best and and say our prayers for them. also 16 other people were taking to the hospital that day to from the set due to injures, but every one was released from the hospital including Gerard and Bob.

If this is true, and Bob can't play anymore, I will kill the damn director of the video.

Does anyone know if this is trur or not? 

Sorry if this is not allowed...


P.S. - We're all Bob fans here. If this info on Bob is true, I say we kill. The damn director just destroyed Bob's career! Skip the fact he's in MCR, this is a man's life!

EDIT: I just went to the source of it all and asked.
this is the anser I got.

"Nah...So fake. i believe Bob and the others are well on there W** to Japan as we speak!"

So it's a fake.

(Info from A-Downer's Myspace : )

P.s. - The deleted message/comment was just all the info in the Edit. I moved it to the thread itself. Sorry.
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