August 3rd, 2006

newbie, what?

NAME/AGE:brittany, causing a scene since 1791


ARE YOU A REAL FAN OF BOB OR YOU ARE JUST PASSING BY AND THOUGHT TO JOIN? real fan of bobby who was passing by and decided to join. that little bugger needs more recognition for what he does, he is definitely one of the most talented drummers i've ever heard or seen.

YOU HATE: MTV, no sense of humor, people who say they're the biggest fan of My Chem. but have no idea of their first CD or any of the songs on that CD.

OTHER BANDS: Avenged Sevenfold, The Used, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Green Day, Anti-Flag, Taking Back Sunday, Motley Crue, annnd From First to Last.

HOW DID YOU END UP HERE?: meh, i saw it on somebody's community listy thingy and i thought, "I love Bob, these people love Bob...hell, we can love Bob together."

RANDOM STUFF:i'm too nice for my own good. i love foster's home for imaginary friends. went to a my chem. show and almost died when thay started playing VENOM thanks to a girl to my right getting too excited.

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    bloodhound gang_____lift your head up high