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The Boy Meets World Community

The place to come and talk about BMW!

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All Members , Moderated
This is a Boy Meets World community where you can come and discuss anything and everything BMW. We also don't mind if the discussions slide a little from the topic so long as we can get back on it. :)

As for posting links to other communities...if it does not have to do with Boy Meets World, E-MAIL one of the three moderators (e-mails are below) and ask us if you may post the link. If you do not comply with this...your POST WILL BE DELETED. Don't be too worried since we will allow most things...but this is to keep unwanted posts limited.

We do weekly updates, discussion boards, contests and much more, so PLEASE come and join the fun and participate in all that you can. :)

We only have two main rules in this community...
1. If you are blatently rude, crude, jerky, etc. to anyone...you will be asked to leave them alone, asked to leave the community, or flat out kicked out. We will NOT tolerate that in our community as should no other moderator.
2. If you post an entry with an icon (or icons) that you did not create yourself...CREDIT the one who did actually make it. We give credit where it is due and will delete a post that we find out is guilty of this.

Please come in and enjoy our fun obsession and the company of others who share it. :)

Also, if you have any ideas on how we can make this community the best it can be as far as BMW communities go, then just let us know and we will see what we can do to make ya happy! We want this to be a comfortable atmosphere for every single one of our members. :)

The four moderators for this community are...
1. sexyleopard1 (Mia) who you can reach at BroadwayLeopard1@yahoo.com
2. sweetangel13853 (Kineret) who you can reach at musicprincess18@yahoo.com
3. violette_b (Liz) who you can reach at proud2bpetite@hotmail.com
4. coyote__shivers (Aaron) who you can reach at patrickostrander1@yahoo.com

Also, be sure to check out our sister community of bmw_graphics for icons, banners, and other Boy Meets Worlds graphics which is run by one of our mods, violette_b.

Please join and enjoy! :)

P.S. The layout at this time was designed by one of the mods, violette_b. :) THANKS!...
Our September Banner contest winner is musicaltwin07...
Here is her winning banner...