Lauren (chickwith_stick) wrote in _b_m_w,

random question about Cory/Shawn's relationship

This is a completely random question that mostly applies to the first few seasons of the show, when their friendship is focused on more than the romance.

We often see Cory's loyalty to Shawn illustrated, but do we really see Shawn's in return? I was thinking of the finals episode in season 3 or 4 where he stands up to the guys who vandalize Feeny's house in protest of their exam schedule, but that's more loyalty to Feeny (awesome episode, by the way).

I think it's obvious they care about each other, but I'm just trying to think if we're ever shown *why* Cory cares for Shawn. I could just be over thinking this though. I know there's that episode where Shawn's girlfriend forbids them from seeing one another, but all I remember from that episode is the awesomely slashy undertones.

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