ruby tuesday (merrymelody) wrote in _b_m_w,
ruby tuesday

Caps of S7, soon followed by S1 and S3.
Very Shawn-centric as that was what was requested, but there's plenty of everything.

There's a ton of these; from every episode of the season.
Cap size ranges from 720x480, to 480x360, dependent on the qualities of the vids I could find.
Do what you want with them, but comments are nice.

In four separate files:

Angela's Men, Angela's Ashes, As Time Goes By, She's Having My Baby Back Ribs, Brave New World pt. 1 and 2

Brotherly Shove, Family Trees, For Love and Apartments, How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back, I'm Gonna Be Like You Dad, No Such Thing As A Sure Thing, Pickett Fences

Seven The Hard Way, Show Me The Love, The Honeymooners, The Honeymoon Is Over, The Provider, The War

They're Killing Us, It's About Time, What A Drag, You Light Up My Union



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