ruby tuesday (merrymelody) wrote in _b_m_w,
ruby tuesday

Caps of S6 (followed by S7 and later S1 and S3.)
Very Shawn-centric as that was what was requested, but there's plenty of everything.

There's a ton of these; from every episode of the season.
Cap size ranges from 720x480, to 480x360, dependent on the qualities of the vids I could find.
Do what you want with them, but comments are nice.
If anyone happens to have decent avis of She Loves Me Not, Boy Meets Girl, The Double Lie, Hometown Hero, Truth And Consequences, Rave On, Train Of Fools, New Friends And Old, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Stormy Weather, Life Lessons, Brother Brother, or Everybody Loves Stuart; I'd really appreciate them, they're the only eps I haven't capped yet. (Everyone Loves Stuart is included here, but it's capped from youtube, so the quality is only okay.)

In four separate files:

Ain't College Great, And In Case I Don't See Ya, Bee True, Better than the Average Cory, Can I Help to Cheer You, Cutting the Cord, Everyone Loves Stuart, Friendly Persuasion

Getting Hitched, His Answer, Her Answer, Hogs and Kisses, My Baby Valentine, Poetic License, The Psychotic Episode

Resurrection, Road Trip, Santa's Little Helpers, State of the Unions, the Truth About Honesty

We'll Have A Good Time Then; You're Married, You're Dead



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