ruby tuesday (merrymelody) wrote in _b_m_w,
ruby tuesday

Caps of S4 (followed by S5, S6, S7 and later S1 and S3.)
Very Shawn-centric as that was what was requested, but there's plenty of everything.

There's a ton of these; from every episode of the season.
Cap size ranges from 720x480, to 480x360, dependent on the qualities of the vids I could find.
Do what you want with them, but comments are nice.

or in four separate files:

An Affair to Forget, A Long Walk to Pittsburgh 1 and 2, B and B's B n' B, Cult Fiction, Chick Like Me (there's not many of the guys in drag, as per the request I was asked for, but if anyone wants some more, I'm sure I could make a few.)

Dangerous Secret, Easy Street, Fishing for Virna, Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

He Said She Said, I Ain't Gonna Spray Lettuce No More, Janitor Dad, Learning to Fly, Quiz Show, Security Guy, Singled Out, Shallow Boy

Sixteen Candles and 400lb Wrestlers, Turkey Day, Uncle Daddy, Wheels, You Can Go Home Again



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