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loads of fun

one. name: cady
two. age: 20
three. location: concord, california
four. list 5 of your favorite things: gossip magazines, animals, fast cars, talk radio, sandwitches
five. list 5 of your pet peeves: people who can't drive, gangs of bicyclists on the road, having to walk to my laundry room, my sloppy boyfriend, cat scratches
six. if you could change one thing about your body what would it be? my legs could use a change.
seven. if you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be? i would like to be less crabby.
eight. what is one thing you love about your body? i am rather fond of my eyes
nine. list some of your favorite bands neutral milk hotel, the ditty bops, feist, regina spektor, david bowie, blondie, the velvet underground and nico, the cure, the organ, antony and the johnsons
ten. post atleast 3 pictures of yourself (more if you'd like):

that job was retarded.

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