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one. name: Yumi

two. age: Sweet Sixteen

three. location: Currently: Jacksonville, FL on vacation, but I am from Zama-Tokyou, Japan

four. list 5 of your favorite things:
+. the satisfaction I feel when I create something that other people can enjoy, especially food.

+. going to shows and moshing, skanking, crowd surfing, and whatnots with my best friends, ..then waking up the next day bruised and broken, knowing it was all worth it.

+. movie dates at home with friends, which include Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, American Beauty, and the like.

+. the little gifts I recieve, even if it's as simple as an ice cube tray. they're more thoughtful than expensive things.

+. colouring books and crayons.

five. list 5 of your pet peeves.
-. people who use character mapped letters, like the backwards "r" or the 3-like symbol for an "e." it's okay, but only to an extent.

-. hypocritical people. or people who support favouritism..like say it's alright if someone they like does something, but say it isn't alright when someone they don't know does the same exact thing.

-. anime fanatics who make up their own Japanese names, use simple words like "baka," and try to prove I'm not Japanese by throwing random phrases they collected from anime, and seeing if I can translate it..

-. when someone makes an assumption but can't back it up with adequate information.

-.being made fun of because my English isn't all that perfect, and I might spell/say things incorrectly.

six. if you could change one thing about your body what would it be? I think I have a big head, so I'd probably change that. I feel like the models they make for "rocket dog" shoes. ..oh, and I can't wait for my braces to be removed.

seven. if you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be? I'm stuck on this question. I love myself for being me, but I'd rather other people love me, or learn to.. I think my bluntness is something that bothers other people, so maybe I'd try not being so blunt/brutally honest about things.

eight. what is one thing you love about your body? My hair and my flexibility. I'm not embarassed to say I can stick my legs behind my head..

nine. list some of your favorite bands
Operation Ivy
From First to Last
Catch 22
Jurrassic 5
Binary Star
The Shins
The Elected

ten. post atleast 3 pictures of yourself (more if you'd like):

on the left, after an awesome show.


middle, polka-dot shirt.

thank you for taking your time and reading this. :)
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