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one. name: Denise Lynn
two. age: 17
three. location:A small boring hick town in New York
four. list 5 of your favorite things:
1. Dancing in the rain –that’s why I love summer.
2. Sunglasses.
3. Taking pictures.
4. The beach, the ocean, anywhere sunny.
5. My puppy

<-- just to show you how little he is.
five. list 5 of your pet peeves.
1.Losing friends over stupid drama. – I don’t do drama.
2.12 year olds who wear a lot of makeup
3.People who are selfish & only think about themselves.
4.Spiders, bugs, anything creepy and crawly.
six. if you could change one thing about your body what would it be? I would love to get rid of my love handles. I always get them over the winter & can never seem to get rid of them until the end of summer.
seven. if you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be? I would like to be more sociable. Don’t get me wrong or anything, I have a lot of good friends, but it seems like sometimes they tend to cause drama, and then I seclude myself from that, and become less sociable.
eight. what is one thing you love about your body? I would have to say my hair and hands.
nine. list some of your favorite bands
1.DJ Carlee
2.Tim McGraw
3.Taking Back Sunday
4.Bob Marley
5.Faith Evans
There are so many bands that I love, its hard to just name a few. I like every kind of music there is.
ten. post atleast 3 pictures of yourself (more if you'd like):

Me at the summer house in jersey before going to the beach.

My friend Caitlin and I.

My birthday last year.

A blue day.

I did my hair pretty.

This is all my own work. This picture was NOT photoshopped at all except for to resize it. I couldn't believe how my makeup came out.

New hair color. ( Which I am dying again tomorrow -- need light colors for summer )

Right after tanning. That's why I am so red.

My lovey & I on graduation day.

Just a random one.
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