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...an LJ Community dedicated to Ayumi Hamasaki

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An Ayumi Hamasaki LJ Community
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♥ _ayumihamasaki

Welcome to the largest Ayumi Hamasaki community on livejournal. Our purpose is to share news, photos, media, offer discussions, etc. with fellow fans. Everyone is welcomed to post and voice their opinions. So if you're an Ayu fan, JOIN :D

*This community is in no way affiliated with AvexTrax or Ayumi Hamasaki herself.

♥ Rules

01. Be respectful to the other members and to Ayumi Hamasaki herself. No bashing or insults.
02. Stay on topic. This is an Ayumi Hamasaki community, so please don't post news or media related to anyone other than her.
03. Starting topics that have not been discussed here before, despite being discussed elsewhere, is perfectly alright. Keep in mind that not everyone visits the forums or other sites.
04. If you are posting more than four icons or large photos, please use an LJ cut.
05. Please use the tags. If you aren't sure what subject your post falls under, you can either guess or wait for a mod to come along and add the tags.
06. Do not post entries leading to locked journal entries, or entries that will be locked in the future. Many of our members have stated that they find locked entries annoying anyways.
07. Keep netspeak and slang to a minimum. People might have a hard time understanding what you're trying to say.
08. Sharing media such as music, videos, etc. is perfectly fine.
09. Remember to credit your sources for translations, news, scans, and makers of graphics.
10. Do not post anything that might be considered offensive - gore, nudity, offensive language, etc. Let's keep this a friendly place for everyone.

♥ Support

Please support Ayu by buying her albums.
YesAsia / CD Japan / HMV Japan / Amazon Japan
You can also find many of Ayu's albums and singles for digital download in the iTunes store!

Also, please visit some of these fansites dedicated to her for more news;
...coming soon

♥ Affiliates & Credits

Please visit our affiliates. Want to be one? PM one of the mods and let them know.
aramatheydidnt mihimaru_gt ayu_ic attackallaround

Also thanks to...
mentahelada for the layout
fading_melody for the profile layout
Graphics by going_x_crazy

♥ _ayumihamasaki Staff & Contact

excape_07; Owner
going_x_crazy; Mod - email or PM
seakittym; Mod - PM

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