Accepting orders for Ayumi Hamasaki's 2014 new year concert goods

Hi all,

If anyone's interested, I'm accepting orders for Ayumi Hamasaki's 2014 new year goods at the below link.

Ayumi Hamasaki 2014 new year goods (deadline 25th Dec 2013)

Also, if anyone needs help with buying tickets, we can do that here, or if anyone needs help sourcing for limited/out of print CD/DVD/Photobooks/concert goods, we can do that here

Please find our feedback post here and please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Read guys plis =D

Konnichiwa minna!

My team and I are interested in developing a cool project: A blog for the community who admires and enjoys Japanese pop culture, like me, passionate Japan. We will bring news and trivia with different themes like Jmusic, fashion, behavior , event coverage and more. We want to hear from you, whether it's cool, what you like to see and know! Thank you in advance!

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PVs Please

Hello I haven't been on in awhile, so I hope its ok to ask. I've started to listen to my Ayumi songs again and I lost all of her PVs I had on my computer. So I've been looking around on the net and I can't find any links that hasn't been taking down. Is there anyway that I may request any of them, especially Alterna and Step you those are some of my faves. Sorry if this isn't allowed and thank you. ^_^