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breath on

there's a monster under my bed

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This community is for highschool and college students with mental disorders/psychotic disorders, or someone who is depressed or has been abused and looking for support. This is a place to share stories, ask for advice, give advice, and recomend books and movies.

I have one rule and one rule only: NO OFFENSIVE WORDS,* such as "faggot" or the dreaded "N-word." If I see that a user has posted one of those kind of words, the first time they will get a warning, and the second time they will be thrown out of the community. If another user catching that some one has posted an offensive word before I do, you're are more than welcome to contact me at nayashi@livejournal.com.

*I do, however, have one exception for this rule. If some one is posting a story when some one is saying the word to them, or to another person, that is okay. Like, if you were telling a story that said something like this: "and then he called me a f*g**t," that would be okay. Remember, this is not a place for hate, it is a place were people can feel safe.

Other than that one rule, feel free to talk about pretty much whatever you would like.

on your first entry please state your first name, or a nickname if you prefer, your age and a short description about yourself.

if you need anything, please contact me at nayashi@livejournal.com. I will try to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.