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hello, I am the community manager, and I welcome all highschool and college students who are in need of psychological support.

My name is Shani, I am sixteen years old and I have been diagnosed with depression and depersonalization. I have self-diagnosed myself with derealization and I am currently researching disassociation identity disorder, because in a lot of ways, it seems to fit me better than depersonalization and derealization, but I am not a psychiatrist, so I cannt really make that decision.

I have felt this way ever since I was either very little for my entire life. My shrink put me on wellbutrin and rispirdal, neither of which seem to be working very well. Last April I went to a psychiatric institution because I had overdosed, and this was when I was put on wellbutrin.

I started this community to help myself and to help others. I wanted to meet people who shared the same kinds of problems as me, and i wanted to learn from them. I hoped other people for find it useful to have a community like this one.

Good Luck!
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