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The Avant-Garde

Critiquing Community

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All Members , Moderated

This is The Avant-Garde and you're welcome to join the community full of artistic minds. This is your place to get your work critiqued on and also to meet other people with the same interest as you. But remember, because this is a critiquing community, people have the right to speak their minds about your work. Therefore, feelings might get hurt if not open minded about other’s thoughts. So, if you’re going to sign up for this community--be ready for brutal honesty.

Sign up
Fill in the following survey to sign-up.
Art Ability(ies):
Your Piece:

Self-Photos will be used for the information page. Please upload two images one being the original and one being the cropped 100x100 image.
Your Piece will be any form of art you do for people to vote and critique on it.

The Rules
-You must get voted into this community.
-You must LJ-Cut all images.
-For multiple poem entries. LJ-Cut all poems after the first one.
-Do not bash on work in a injustice manner.
-Promote the community and have fun.

The System
When voting a new member in:
Rate work 1-10.
Give comment. Then Yes or No for vote.
I give it a 6.
It has nice texture and shading.

When users are already members:
Rate work 1-10.
Give comment.

Member's Photo
Name: Art. Photo

nickvsabyss: (Maintainer/Creator) Graphic Art. Poetry. Photography.

_your_mom: (Maintainer) Drawing. Photography. Collages

saturnineseraph:Web Design. Photography.

petitevicious:Video. Photography [traditional and digital]. Photo editing [digital]. Poetry. odd mathematical theories

lacklustergold:Painting. Photography. Pencil. Oils. Any other dry media

jozen:Oil and Dry Pastel, Water Color, Silk Paint, and Photoshopping.


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