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giving in.

Australians With Eating Disorders
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This is a community for Australians with eating disorders. While aussie_ana already exists for this purpose, the lack of a mod means there is less of a group atmosphere, and no-one to perform much-needed kickings and bannings in the event of trolls. Or, as we call them down under, bunyips.

When you join, please put a bit of information about yourself:
Current BMI: [Use this calculator if you're unsure]
Goal BMI:
Eating disorder: [before you even THINK about answering this one, go to ed_ucate, read the diagnostic criteria, and consider it carefully. Please also note this is an "ana"- and "mia"-free zone. Use their correct names or don't use them at all.]
Diagnosed or self-diagnosed:
[optional]A bit of history about your eating disorder:

Please note that if you come in here doing things typically "wanarexic" such as:
x contorting yourself in photos to look thinner
x complaining that someone "forced" you to eat. If they literally shoved the food down the throat, or stuck a feeding tube up your nose, you were forced to eat. Not if they comment on your weight loss and you felt the need to allay their fears.
x ignoring what the DSM says about eating disorders
x using the names "ana" and "mia"
x referring to your eating disorder as a person
x asking for tips or tricks [unless they are healthy tips, ie. I keep feeling faint, what should I do to keep from passing out?]
You can expect to be flamed and laughed right out.

Eating disorders are serious and deadly mental illnesses. We are here because we are suffering. There is a fine line between supporting someone in their pain and encouraging them in their self-destruction. I intend not to let this community cross it. Please, if you think that adopting eating disordered mannerisms are a good idea, see a doctor before they develop into something you cannot stop. This is not glamourous or beautiful or something to aspire to.