HELLO VIRTUAL WORLD....,I AM A NEW BREW AND I'M READY TO KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF.....BRISBANE, GAYS, LEFTIES....ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT MATTER - I'M HERE AND THROUGH ME YOU WILL FIND MEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Name: Danielle
Age: 17 (14/11/1988) 
Location: Australia (duh)
Eating Disorder: Anorexia
Diagnosed or Self Diagnosed: Diagnosed
Time period of ED: About 5 years, on and off
Height: 175cm (5’9”)
Cw: 53kg (116.8lbs)  BMI 17.6
Lw: 48kg (105.8lbs)   BMI 16.0
Hw: 57kg (125.6lbs)   BMI 18.6
STG: 50kg (110.2lbs)   BMI 16.3
LTG: 45kg (99.2lbs)   BMI 14.7

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Nothing Hurts


Anyone tried Levlen? I got a scrip. Is it a fat making one? I'm scared it's the kin of med that will make me put on weight. My boyfriend was poking my tummy this morning, he said I shouldn't lose anymore weight. I haven't lost any, I think hes just saying it to make me eat more. He said he doesn't want me to gain either. The cutie.
Also, anyone been to a place that does full leg and brazilian for less than $100 for the pair? (In Sydney...) I need a hair cut too. And another job. Lose fat lose fat lose fat. I was going to go to ballet this aft, but on the ferry from my bf's house towards ballet my breakfast reappeared (Yay! but it wasn't on purpose..... but yay! but scary)
I've been at home throwing up acid and yuck since. What fun!
Nothing Hurts

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(Marcelina Sowa). I love the socks, her expression, the air. The pose. Open composition, but her brain looks totaly 'off limits'. 

As I was purging yesterday, a weird thought struck me. One part of me, a voice, 'Wow, look what you're doing, you're getting good at this, isnt this exciting?! good for you!' Another said 'Hey, this is really scary, you could die in like TEN SECONDS!'
There was no personal voice, no voice that was me. It was like two people looking over my shoulders, leaning out of the back of my head. There is no me. No interests, just a curiosity in my friends' interests, no drive, no motivation. Nothing. No me. Maybe if I shrink myself, my brain will take over and there will be a ME.

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mk and ashley

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Hey Guys,
I haven't had the net for over a year and my dad was just in town and he got me the net again! Don't you love my dad? I had to check my email at the library and they only give you an hour so i didn't have much time to play on lj. But I'm here so hi...
heart Ati ppl still come here, it seems a bit dead...
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Hey everyone.
I've been struggling heaps over the last few months - moving back in with my mum has made my weight go up and down, mostly up and up. I can't seem to stop eating. So this post is a cry for help. I have gained 5kgs in 2-3months and for me thats heaps!!
I need advice.
What daily food intake do you guys do? Like what do you eat everyday and all that?
How much do you exercise?
I try to burn 200 calories a day, on top of working and all that but the food is my real problem.
I'm just hungry all the time even after I've stuffed my face with food. I feel disgusting and I'm losing my mind.
I want to lose the 5kgs that I've gained in like 2-3weeks. Is there any way that it's possible?
I just really want to know what everyone else is doing and eating to lose weight!
Thanks for all your help


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Somebody PLEASE tell me how I was 39kg in January... 43kg just a week or two ago.. and now I'm 47kg?!?!

This is a new record for my HIGHEST weight EVER!!!!!

How the hell have I managed to get even fatter than I was originally? Before I even had an eating disorder I was 46kg. This makes no sense!

If nobody is gonna come kill me, then I'll just have to do it myself.

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What is the lowest cal bread you can find? And the lowest cal cereal? I need to find a low cal version of these foods so that it atleast looks like I am eating normally to my family when I go home in 2 weeks.
Thanks all.

~please read~

I am in a particularly strange mood today. I have read Eating Disorders; Anatomy of a social epidemic by a man named Richard A. Gordon and it has made me so... I can't describe the emotion I'm feeling - empassioned, scared, angry - or perhaps a heady combination of the three. I am all stirred up.Collapse )

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