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Hi, I am here and here are somethings about me. Hopefully I am able to talk to all of you :)

Name: Lauren
Age: 19
Current BMI: 14
Goal BMI: Depending on the day either 13 or 16
Height: 165
Weight: 38ish kilos
State: Victoria
Eating disorder: Anorexia
Diagnosed or self-diagnosed: diagnosed
[optional]A bit of history about your eating disorder: I started I guess disordered eating when I was 9, it continued on and off at various stages of high school. I've always has poor self esteem/ self-image and depression. My eating was bad at 14 but when downhill considerably right on my 17th birthday. Since then I have kept loosing weight. My highest weight ever was 45kilo and lowest 35. I usually maintain 37 kilos for the past two years. But I sway between recovery and staying the same all the time. I have tried treatment but it was under the idea of 'you put on weight - then we'll talk' but I was never able to put on weight.
Right now I am seriously considering anti depressants so if anyone has had any experience of any information i'd really appreciate it

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