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Name: Kira
Age: 15
Current BMI: 18 (last time they recorded it at the hospital)
Goal BMI: non existant
Height: 163.5 cm
Weight: 50.5 kg
Weight before ED: 60kg
Weight after ED: 43kg
State: New South Wales
Eating disorder: Anorexia
Diagnosed or self-diagnosed: disgnosed by hospital
[optional]A bit of history about your eating disorder: I've struggled with anorexia for about 2 years now and am recieving outpatient treatment at my hospital and cognitive behavioural therapy. I never imagined recovery to be so hard and depression makes it even harder. It's really difficult to try and like yourself and change your view on yourself that seem so well entrenched.

That is all. Hope you liked my introduction :) Comment me if you ever want to talk, or add me coz I'm new to livejournal and love a good chat =]

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