o.o (anasaurus_rex) wrote in _australiana,

(Marcelina Sowa). I love the socks, her expression, the air. The pose. Open composition, but her brain looks totaly 'off limits'. 

As I was purging yesterday, a weird thought struck me. One part of me, a voice, 'Wow, look what you're doing, you're getting good at this, isnt this exciting?! good for you!' Another said 'Hey, this is really scary, you could die in like TEN SECONDS!'
There was no personal voice, no voice that was me. It was like two people looking over my shoulders, leaning out of the back of my head. There is no me. No interests, just a curiosity in my friends' interests, no drive, no motivation. Nothing. No me. Maybe if I shrink myself, my brain will take over and there will be a ME.

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