secret_disorder (secret_disorder) wrote in _australiana,

Hey everyone.
I've been struggling heaps over the last few months - moving back in with my mum has made my weight go up and down, mostly up and up. I can't seem to stop eating. So this post is a cry for help. I have gained 5kgs in 2-3months and for me thats heaps!!
I need advice.
What daily food intake do you guys do? Like what do you eat everyday and all that?
How much do you exercise?
I try to burn 200 calories a day, on top of working and all that but the food is my real problem.
I'm just hungry all the time even after I've stuffed my face with food. I feel disgusting and I'm losing my mind.
I want to lose the 5kgs that I've gained in like 2-3weeks. Is there any way that it's possible?
I just really want to know what everyone else is doing and eating to lose weight!
Thanks for all your help

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