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Paul Auster

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The Brooklyn Follies on sale [10.05.08 02:45]

In a weird turn of pricing, The Brooklyn Follies: A Novel in hardcover is cheaper than The Brooklyn Follies: A Novel in paperback ($5.99 vs $6.49, respectively).

Auster's latest novel, Man in the Dark is scheduled to come out on August 19, 2008.


sale on a Paul Auster's novel [24.03.08 16:30]

In case you haven't read it yet bought a copy yet, The Brooklyn Follies is now bargain priced for $5.99 for the hardcover edition.


[19.11.06 22:32]

For those who know The Book of Illusions very well, are there any excerpts you recall which you think would be the best for a detailed literary analysis? I need to find three, and I'd have to reread the book, but I can't do it anytime soon because of huge workload and serious lack of time.

Thanks so much!


Another Auster movie [17.11.06 17:56]

Hey, perhaps you all know that, but just in case:

The planned movie "In the Country of the Last Things" will be featuring Eva Green - the new Bond-girl and the Dreamers'-star - as Anna Blume.

Check out this discussion on imdb - it's quite lovely! (The passage where Anna Blume transforms into Eve Blossom and further into Eva Green).

(£4 | +)

[16.10.06 09:08]


I had no idea there was a new Paul Auster book out!!! Am trying hard not to be put off by the Digested Read review in today's Guardian.

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