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For those who know The Book of Illusions very well, are there any excerpts you recall which you think would be the best for a detailed literary analysis? I need to find three, and I'd have to reread the book, but I can't do it anytime soon because of huge workload and serious lack of time.

Thanks so much!
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Another Auster movie

Hey, perhaps you all know that, but just in case:

The planned movie "In the Country of the Last Things" will be featuring Eva Green - the new Bond-girl and the Dreamers'-star - as Anna Blume.

Check out this discussion on imdb - it's quite lovely! (The passage where Anna Blume transforms into Eve Blossom and further into Eva Green).
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Suggestions ?

Hi ! I'm new to this community, I just finished 'Brooklyn follies' and completely fell in love with that book. 

It was the first Auster's book I read and now I really want to read more from him, so I wondered if you had any suggestions of which one I should start with.

Thanks in advance !!!
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Suggestions for English class?

I have the opportunity to pick a book by Paul Auster to be studied in our English class. Can anyone suggest one? Which would be best for analysing and looking at from a very 'literary' point of view? (I've read Moon Palace and Oracle Night, so I'd like something new.)

Thanks in advance :)
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I have bought some Paul Auster movies on Ebay (Boredom and internet =
Lulu on the Bridge,Smoke and Blue in the Face Not a bad haul
for AU$40 :) I have never seen a film written or directed by him, so I
am quite looking forward to them. Anyone else seen any Paul Auster
movies? Which would you recomend?

I see he has two in the works, the Inner Life on Martin Frost and In the
Country of Last things, which is also the book I am reading ATM.
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Sorry if this has already been posted...

Auster Wins Prize

MADRID, Spain May 31, 2006 (AP)? Paul Auster, author of "TThe New
York Trilogy" and "The Book of Illusions," among other works, won
Spain's Prince of Asturias prize for literature Wednesday.

The 59-year-old novelist, poet, screenplay writer and translator was
chosen "for the literary renewal he has carried out by uniting the
best of North American and European traditions," said Victor Garcia
de la Concha, president of the prize organizers' committee.

"With his exploration of new areas of reality, Auster has been able
to attract young readers by giving an aesthetically valuable
testimony of the individual and collective problems of our times."

Auster was born in Newark, N.J. After graduating from Columbia
University, he lived in France where he translated Mallarme, Sartre
and other writers.

He gained fame for his detective story series, "The New York
Trilogy," in which he deals with existential issues and the search
for identity. Auster is also the author of "The Music of Chance"
and "The Book of Illusions."

The Prince of Asturias awards are also given in the fields of social
sciences, scientific research, communications and humanities,
international cooperation, public service and sports.

The prize for literature was the fifth announced so far this year.

The awards are presented each fall in the northern Spanish city of
Oviedo, capital of the Asturias region. They carry a cash award of
about $62,000 and a sculpture by Catalan artist Joan Miro.

Brazilian writer Nelida Pinon won the literature prize last year.
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