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Make Me Pure Vid

On rage tomorrow morning (saturday)

10:00am Can I Have It Like That - PHARRELL WILLIAMS featuring GWEN STEFANI Virgin
Moonshine - SAVAGE featuring AKON Warner
We Ain't Going Down - SHAKAYA SBME
Stand Up For Love - DESTINY'S CHILD Sony
Song 4 Lovers - LIBERTY X featuring REV RUN Big/Rajon
So Beautiful - DARREN HAYES Roadshow
Believe Me - FORT MINOR Warner
kate stairs

Intensive Care

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So what does everyone think of the new album? Opinions, quibbles, favourites, hate-its, reservations?

A few thoughts.Collapse )

This is so awesome. I couldn't have wished for anything better. It's going to be so wonderful to see him develop even further.

Image nicked off RobbieWilliamsLive.com.
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Robbie on ROVE (again)

So some of you might have noticed that
Rob wasn't on Rove last night. If you're
like me, you were pissed right off!!
Aparently Robbie couldn't do it and he
cancelled leaving Hilary Duff a space on
the show instead.. BUT.. there is some
good news.. he will be on next Tuesday.
So make sure you catch it.

LexLover ---xx