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Hi all!

I joined this community a while back, but have stuck to lurkdom, mostly. Since there has been no new updates or anything, I figure I will add my bit.

I recently went through a faze of psychoness and screencapped Jonathan Wilkes and Robbie Williams singing Me And My shadow, which you can see at my livejournal here, some of the backstage footage of that concert (off the live at the albert dvd) over here, and a couple of pictures of Robbie singing during I will talk and hollywood will listen, and my way which you can find at my lifejournal at this address:

The posts are picspams, and have lots of photos, so probably not dial-up friendly. Also, you must excuse my psychoness - blame it on Fern (who is here on livejournal as well as _katttttt_ ) who got me into Robbie, and then Jonathan!


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