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For those Aussie's who aren't aware yet, Robbie has announces Australian dates. This is so awesome and he's finally coming back to brisbane.. All details are on his website.

questions that keep me up at nights.

because yes...im that sad.
Anyway...as some of you may know and care, Robbie Williams[te he], is coming to Oz..
so...a few questions..
have any of you actually-met-Robbie?
and also,for the locals of Adelaide, Sydney and melbourne[yes..willing to travel to see ones sex god..ke ke ke ], what are the most probable joints our tattooed friend might hit post gig?
kthnxbye,Ill go back to being a sad little person now.
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Hi all!

I joined this community a while back, but have stuck to lurkdom, mostly. Since there has been no new updates or anything, I figure I will add my bit.

I recently went through a faze of psychoness and screencapped Jonathan Wilkes and Robbie Williams singing Me And My shadow, which you can see at my livejournal here, some of the backstage footage of that concert (off the live at the albert dvd) over here, and a couple of pictures of Robbie singing during I will talk and hollywood will listen, and my way which you can find at my lifejournal at this address: http://www.livejournal.com/users/triptnx/68693.html#cutid1

The posts are picspams, and have lots of photos, so probably not dial-up friendly. Also, you must excuse my psychoness - blame it on Fern (who is here on livejournal as well as _katttttt_ ) who got me into Robbie, and then Jonathan!


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Robbie on backstage pass

What did everyone think of the Robbie Williams backstage pass that was just on chanel 9?
I think that chic was trying to flirt with him way to much and it wasnt working.
I loved his bath robe it was great to see him being lazy and not wanting to change into his clothes.
I think she asked dumb questions and he wanted to get out of there LOL
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Just joined

let me introduce myself. My name is Georgie! I live in Melbourne.

Love Robbie since i was 7, 8 or 9 cant remember exactly seemed to have blocked that part of my life out. Toooo many bad memories. I am 23 now. Anyway he was in Take That and i remeber all i wanted was for him to leave so he cud go solo and i used to prey for it all the time, then one morning i woke up and heard the news on my radio with tears in my eyes. Its amazing how ironic life can be!

i loved the book feel although i have to admit i havent read the last 17 pages! Does that make me a bad person???? i just got so bored i couldnt finish it no matter how hard i tried. Opinions r welcome!

Intisive care is great loving it and advertising space is a great new single glad he chose that one cuz its my fave track....

The picture is of my kitten benji isnt she adorable???

heard the news about rob and his cafe a bit dissapointed cuz usually i am the person that misses out :(

when i saw robbie last time he was in aussie land my mate wanted to stalk him and she asked me if i wanted to as well and even though we knew the hotel he was at where he was gonna be cuz one of our friends was hanging with one of his crew i said no. felt like i would be invading his privacy, what does everyone else think?????

Well must be off to bed
Night night all xx
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