Hey, I just found this community and I want to say hi. I am an Australian living in the U.S. I was born in Darwin, lived most of my life in Australia not far from Bundaberg and have a lot of family in Brisbane. I am planning on moving back to Brisbane sometime next year and I'm very excited about it. I love the U.S. but sometimes you get homesick and I really miss my family there. I am always looking for a link to my home and love talking to other Australians whenever I get the chance. Well that's it for now I hope to hear (more accurately read) from you in the near future.
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Yo yo yo! I'm a hard hittin white nigga from Melbourne. Respect!

Nah.. not really. I'm just sober and it hurts. This is my first post. HI KRISSY!!!!! I joined ey!

I'm so bored....

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well ill make the first post here - and as cairns is in Australia I thought it suited.

My step dad took xbrokenxhope And I up the Tablelands today so She could see what Cairns had to offer. It was such a good day The drive was beautiful - The waterfall was so pretty - I wanted to Climb Down and swim in there! We walked Along the Kuranda Rainforest walk...then checked out the Kuranda Markets and went to a pub for a round of Vodka and orange. We then went to Mareeba or something...There was this tiny ass mall with like 4 shops *blink* and they called it a Plaza - yeah well it shits all over maroochydoor plaza *rolles eyes in sarcasim* from there we headed Down to Atherton and has fish and chips for lunch - on our way down the table lands we seen a sign for a lake - so we stoped there and went on another rainforest walk were We seen these tree giants and I threw the Camera when a Bug attacked me Im so glad it didn't break - Its gross on the way down so much grafiti you'd think some people would have some respect for one of the oldest rainforrests in the world! assholes!

when we were back in Cairns we tried rescuing this budgie that was being attacked by a biger bird, some guy around our age came to help + some random woman offered her shirt...not the one she was wearing - then mum tried - and it flew away. =(

Anyways - Here are the pics from today - There this really good one I took of the big tree *yay*
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