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Aura Spectrum

auras r us

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This forum is dedicated to the study of auras and other related matters.
Users are encouraged to share their truelife experiences with auras including pics,
links, etc.
Under certain conditions auras can be captured by photography. For example Kirilian Photography.
Hopefully through this forum users can obtain a more complete understanding of auras
and how they relate to everyone and everything.
The subject of auras encompasses a broad range of interests such as ghosts, poltergeists,
shadow spirits, sightings, hauntings etc. For this reason the postings may deviate accordingly
from the main theme.


1) Post only real life experiences.(No Fiction)
2) Unretouched and genuine photos only.
(Enlargement,Contrast and Brightness adjustment are acceptable)No Color Adjustment
3) No broken links.
4) No commercial advertisement
5) No personal advertisement
6) No moshing, bashing, flaming, or defaming.
7) No profanity or smut.
8) No racism
9) No links to objectional material ie.porn
10) No pornography
11) No spammers

All photographs and intelectual material posted
in this journal are the property and sole
responsibility of the member posting the material.
The maintainer(s) of the community are not responsible
for any copyright infringment or other damages incurred
as the result of any member post.

The maintainer(s) may review friends of the
community views and remove from view any
personal journals that are too objectional.

The rules are subject to change at any time by
the maintainer(s) if abuse is noted.
In the event of abuse the offending party will
be warned once before being blocked from posting.

The rules are simple so take care not to abuse this special community.