A new someone in my apartment...

Well my mother sister and I been having some weird stuff going in the apartment. On the 16 of November while my sister and I were at the movies. My mother calls us all nervous. We ask her what was wrong and she said she heard some foot steps while she was watching t.v. and she felt as if they threw something at her and she heard it splattered all over the place. She looks around and she said she felt has if she was being lifted all the way up. My mother said she could not see what it was. Well days later My sister complains she is feeling some one following her all over the apartment. Well just last night my aunt tells me did you see that just stand there what ever it is all I see is a white tall figure. Well last night around 1:30 a.m I say it pass right across the kitchen door but all I saw was a white shadow. What ever it is just hangs around the kitchen, sometimes the living room and the bathroom. Well we took pictures but nothing came out, but when my sister was playing with her cell phone in the bathroom taking pictures of herself whatever it is in the apartment got in front of the camera because my sister took two picture one came out with her face the other did not and she tells me she took them from the same angel twice. When my sister downloads the picture I will post it. 

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Well....I guess nobody has anything interesting to post in the community so I'll just continue with my orb study.  In the last study, (Nov. 5, 2007), I said that I didn't think the orb was very large.  That was one orb in that study and I've estimated its size as being about the size of a soccer ball.   After closer examination of two other orbs I'm thinking that estimate may be a little shy.  These are the largest orbs I have ever seen photos of.   Indeed, one of them appears to be between 2 and 3 feet across...that's huge.

In this series of photos I've enlarged certain features such as the glowing object in the background of the orb resting in the tree.  In the photo of Al's Swinger the orb is lodged in the rafters of the roof as if the spirit of Al himself were trying to fix the roof.  Was that Al's last thought ?  That he needed to fix the roof of his bar?  The garbage can in front of the building is a good indicator of the size of the orb.  The orb is larger around than the can.  Using the tree as reference on the other orb it looks like it's at least 2 feet across.  That particular orb is obviously in the branches of the tree.  I haven't the faintest idea of what the glowing object in the background is but I enlarged it anyway.  I had to adjust contrast and brightness on these photos in order to make the objects more visible.

 1)            1a)    

   2)     2a)  

 2b)              2c)        2d)  


I plan on going back to the cemetery and taking more photographs.  Will I find anything?  I'm not sure.  Will I survive?  Not sure about that either.  There's obviously some rugged spirits out there.

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More strange photographs from Club Spooky.  The vertical stripes in the dark
photographs are caused by the cheap scanner I have.  Sorry. 


In the first photo there is something in the foreground that baffles me.  In the second there is an oval shaped object with a black center.  In the third there are weird orbs underneath the bartender's eyes. 


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1 (Photo 15>9:52.50>     Cropped>Enlarged>Contrast increased
2 (Photo 16>9:52.58>    Cropped>Enlarged>Contrast increased
3 (Photo 26>10:04.36>   Cropped>Contrast increased
4 (Photo 32>10:16.34>   Cropped>Enlarged>Contrast increased>Brightness increased
5 (Photo 35>10:19.12>    Cropped>Enlarged>Contrast increased>Brightness increased

  1  2  3

  4   5   

The similarities of the object in each photo convinced me it was the same object.  But the differences convinced me it was not 
something on the lens.
(1) This is the first time it appeared.  It appears to be engorged with energy and is emitting a blue corona. 

(2) This photo was taken right after the first grave photo.  I was surprised at the detail achieved by adjusting 
       the contrast only.  It doesn't seem to have as much energy.      

(3) A face is clearly visible at the top of the anomaly in this one.  This is what convinced me the   object was changing and morphing.  
      Again it's full of energy and emitting a blue corona.  This is the original size of the photo.  I don't think the object is so huge, I think it          
      was closer to the camera causing an optical  illusion of great size.            
(4) Here the object appears to have had some kind of blow out.  It looks like the Deathstar after Luke Skywalker dropped the bomb.  Is it dying?

(5)  In this one the orb looks cold and void of energy.  It is barely visible.

 This orb revealed itself in five different photos during the course of the night.  I took thirty-six photos total.  It first showed up by the grave in two photos taken back to back.  I have put the photos in order that they were taken and returned to the original post of Nov.1st and numbered the corresponding photographs.  The camera was set at 3 Mega-pixels so the photos had to be reduced 70% for posting so I wasn't satisfied with the clarity of the posted pics.  Included in the chart is the time stamp from each photograph. 
This is my detailed study to determine if it was an object on the camera lens.  I have documented exactly what was done to each photo.  I amended the community rules to allow for enlargement, brightness and contrast adjustment of photographs.  It's okay as long as the physical characteristics of the object are not changed.  And as long as all adjustments are clearly documented.  I have done nothing to change the true color or shape of the object in any way. 

My personal theory is that the red eye reduction strobe was energizing the orb right before the pictures were taken.

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Some Pictures I took on Halloween...

I was downloading the Halloween pics I took and the first Pics I took of my little cousin I thought the camera was messed up. For me they look like Orbs but then again I can be wrong. The rest of the pics did not come out with all that..The little girl like I said is my cousin...

This picture came out clear....

this pic came out like the first 3 I took and the rest of the pictures came out clear for example that me and my little cousin....You can't see nothing...

Sorry for taking so much space.

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Part 9

Part 10

The conclusion

It's not over. Madeline's still around. I am aware that's she's in the background, close enough that I could pull her closer to me with a thought, so I have to constantly keep her at arm's length. She's weak and I don't think about her, to avoid empowering her. She'll probably always be there, in the periphery. Always.


                                                                      CLICK ON IMAGE

Hey ya'll.  I rescanned this picture so it has a much better clarity.  Just a little reminder of what could be out there when you're out this week.  In the mirror behind the man in the picture.  For anyone who has been keeping up with my club photos, a little size reference.  That thing is all the way on the other side of the building.  It's huge.  My aura was working overtime that night.
                                                                                                                                                                          READ MORE 

                                                            Have a happy and safe Halloween ! 



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Well I need some help. I am new to the aura learning.  They told me I need an aura cleaning. I will like to know the positives and negatives of doing one. I started meditating lately I started seeing some colors like red and violet. But the other night while I was meditating I felt as if my spirit was coming out foward from my body.  I really want to know if any of you know of any good books that can help me understand how to work with my aura. I will really appreciate it. Thank You before hand.

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I would like to say hi to everyone and Thank You for letting me be in this community. Well I am 26 year old. I Live in New York City and the reason why I got into this community was because since a really young age I could sense things and see things. My dreams has always been weird because either the person I dream with I know I seen them before and the places I been in my dream I know I been there before as well. I can be dreaming something today and I will continue the dream days later or a months later. The first time I saw a ghost I was I believe 4 or 5 I saw my dead uncle. I ran and told my mother. For my mother this is no surprised because she is a claroyvident. The last time I did see a ghost  like seeing a living person I was 12. For time I just blocked or tryed to becuase I coulden't see them for a while but some woulden't let me sleep they will pull my legs and do other crazy stuff. Umm something I can't understand is that when I am in my sleep and they try to talk to me. They call me by my Name that I can hear clearly but when they start talking all I hear is like a bee buzz. I don't know why..Sorry for the long post Just a little intro..Thank You once again

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Part 7

Part 8

Madeline in particular doesn't like Arianne. Arianne, who supposedly has some astral projection powers, is more open in her sleep, and that's where Maddy was attacking her. She'd wake up with mystery bruises daily. We weren't sure why Arianne. Maybe she was the more vulnerable of the two, since Heather is well protected and Anne is hardly around. It wasn't until later than we were clued in that Madeline was trying to force her way into Arianne, the way she had with Guadalupe before, in order to influence and gain greater audience with me. Since I was starting to ignore Maddy, she realized she had to take drastic measures and, if not destroy her enemies, than manipulate them.

It's hard for me to be truly upset with Madeline. She's just one spirit, but utilizes tactics and cunning to manipulate. Disguising herself as Minnie so she could slip under my radar, and thus, gain power and break the spell. Laying siege on Arianne in her sleep, knowing that her guardian spirit isn't very strong or crafty. Knowing her influence on my emotions was strong but fleeting, she knew she had to circle the wagons, create a nest in my house (which would oust Minnie) and chase all the other females in my life away. Did you know that she allegedly fucked with everyone on my MySpace? Least my top 8, but they're all women. Zeb went down the list, telling me what she did to them. Between phone problems and internet problems and dream problems. Small acts of annoyance. I confirmed that one person was having phone problems and another did have some internet obstacles, so maybe that's true. So, while I don't approve of anything Madeline did, I sort of admire the heavyhanded tactics she used to get her way. I'm the kind of person who admires a cunning villain in a movie, and I do have feelings for her, so it's hard not to feel some measure of pride in her game plan.