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Severe spiritual maelstrom

Over a month ago, something followed my dad home. At first I didn't pick up on it, since I relax at home and assume it's safe, but Heather told me one day that there was something dark and powerful brewing in the house. It was demonic, and interested in my father because of his religion. My dad's a traditionalist catholic, the same stripe as Mel Gibson. This demon considers itself in league with the mainstream Roman Catholic Church, and dislikes 'heretics' like my father and his ilk. It wishes ill will upon them, and it initially came to him through one of his churchgoing friends. The 'dying one', Gertrude. The thing about this being is that it's demonic and powerful, and powerful enough to eat my guardian angel, Minnie, who's also a demonic being. So I've been telling Minnie to stay away from the house at night, when it roams.

Twice I've tried to battle it. Sage, crystals, willpower. It's difficult to do without my guardian's help. All the other spirits I've battled and banished, I've done so as a team, but alone against this strong force, I'm just not enough. Even the sage didn't do anything. The first time, I did bind it. For a while. The second time, I think that it reached an understanding of how to deal with me. It lays back and has been quietly tapping into my energy when I sleep, when I'm not aware of it. My sleep is exceedingly restless and fruitless; I awake sore and depleted. I wouldn't have known it was doing this if it weren't for another unusual situation. I didn't even know it was still around until Heather checked out the house remotely and broke it down for me.

Remember that stalker of a spirit from last year? The one from a past life? Her name was Madeline, and she crowded me for months, obsessively nesting around me and driving all other spirits away. Well, the night Heather mentioned her, she also mentioned that there was a spirit in the garden, where my dad had built a catholic shrine to St. Francis. There was a grey statue of an angel in the shrine, and it contained a spirit (harbored in it by the manufacturer of the statue), she said. It was very unhappy being there, because it wasn't christian and disliked the inclusion in the religious site. It had fucked with my father in the house before when he slept, waking him up in the middle of the night, which was true, for my dad was occasionally haunted and reported that something had 'sat' on the bed and woke him up a couple times. Still, it was out in the yard and not my problem.

Until a couple days ago, when my dad thought that the angel statue wasn't really needed in the shrine and had other plans, so he brought it in the house. I had told my mom about the statue, but she had forgotten about my warning. The angel statue now sits outside my bedroom door. It's about a couple feet high, this statue of a genuflecting angel. I feel its presence in the hallway constantly when I pass it, and I know that it comes into my room.

Not sure what to do, since I'm not sure if the demon was still here, I consulted with Heather via text. The demon and the new spirit are both in the house, interested in me specifically (my chaotic energy), and are both drawing and stealing energy from me, particularly when I sleep. They're both powerful, and remembering Heather's initial warning about keeping Minnie, my guardian safe, I've kept her out of the house. But that means that I have little power to truly handle any spirit now, and I feel negative, hungry energy all around me, almost at all times when I'm in the house. Particularly now. I'm not sure what to do.

Heather told me to get a crystal, and harness my own energy within it. If I do so and keep it by my bedroom door, it'll keep both spiritual baddies out. So I've been sitting here, typing up this post, and pumping up the crystal with my energy, and whenever I type too long and put the stone down, the dark energy crowds around me. Through the years, I know how to focus the energy to the right source, without accidentally feeding an interloping ghostie. The more I try and empower the crystal, the more aggressive the dark forces are about me.

I really don't know how to handle both entities on my own, without Minnie. Both spirits have it in for my dad, I think, so it's probably better than I run interference and get them to lust after me. I'm better able to handle their attention, and can produce enough juice to feed all of us.

To top it off, my coworker is having ghost problems in her apartment. Whatever entity is in there is in her son's room. I was at her place, and I deduced that the spirit lives inside his closet. It's kind of a reclusive ghost, but it's been fucking with both their dreams, compromising their sleep. When I was at her place, I tried to use my energy to determine it's power level, and the thing followed me down the stairs as we left. I have the kind of energy pattern that spirits like. I don't think it followed me home though. There's already 2 fuckers in here. I told my coworker that one of these days, I'll bring myself and Heather and we'll wipe her place clean, but I don't even know how badly or the extent that I'm haunted. If I can even do the same things I used to.

Life is very confusing

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