aldevarane (aldevarane) wrote in _aura_grande_,

A new someone in my apartment...

Well my mother sister and I been having some weird stuff going in the apartment. On the 16 of November while my sister and I were at the movies. My mother calls us all nervous. We ask her what was wrong and she said she heard some foot steps while she was watching t.v. and she felt as if they threw something at her and she heard it splattered all over the place. She looks around and she said she felt has if she was being lifted all the way up. My mother said she could not see what it was. Well days later My sister complains she is feeling some one following her all over the apartment. Well just last night my aunt tells me did you see that just stand there what ever it is all I see is a white tall figure. Well last night around 1:30 a.m I say it pass right across the kitchen door but all I saw was a white shadow. What ever it is just hangs around the kitchen, sometimes the living room and the bathroom. Well we took pictures but nothing came out, but when my sister was playing with her cell phone in the bathroom taking pictures of herself whatever it is in the apartment got in front of the camera because my sister took two picture one came out with her face the other did not and she tells me she took them from the same angel twice. When my sister downloads the picture I will post it. 

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