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live for the music

that hot beat
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Welcome to _audio_!

[What is _audio_?] A community where people can come together & discuss music. All genres of music are accepted! [What should I post about?] Talk about musicians you like, suggest new music, promote your band, share concert experiences, post your favorite lyrics, share pictures of your favorite artists, review new albums, ask questions about music, make friends, etc. [I have pictures to share and/or a long post.] Please put those things behind an lj-cut. It makes the community look neater, and also avoids eating people's friends pages. [How do I use an lj-cut?] Read here. [I hate this person's taste in music!] You can express your dislike for a certain artist, but please don't bash someone because his/her music taste is different from yours! [PROMOTE!] Please check out THIS POST for promotional banners.

musician encounters

Moderator: agentkang & seedyapartment

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