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Kaori Yuki Intellects
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This is a community for in-depth discussions on the works of Kaori Yuki only. It was made for people who are tired of hearing nothing but babbling and repeated questions on angelsanctuary. Don't try joining this community if you just want to know the latest dates of the translated Angel Sanctuary volumes or to ask for scanlations. Thats for the other general community, not for here.

This is a closed, members-only community. To join you must reply to the first post, which will remain public, with answers to the questionaire presented there. Based on your answers, the mods will judge if you have any brains or not. The questions are not hard but we do expect answers that are more than one sentence and are actually legible. If you are approved by the mods, then you can go ahead and join the community. A request will go to both mods and they will approve you. LJ doesn't automatically put the community on your friends' list when you are approved so if you wish to do so, you'll have to do that manually.

Topics of discussion can be anything related to any of Kaori Yuki's works as long as they are actual intelligent topics. The mods have the right to delete any post that they don't think belongs here. If the topic contains any major spoilers to a work that everyone might not have read yet, please use the lj-cut. Also keep in mind that not all fans read the same works by her so please try to vary the topics. Do not discuss only Angel Sanctuary. If the community runs out of topics, the mods will try to at least start a topic up on one of her lesser-known works. You don't have to participate in every discussion though so don't worry if you haven't read everything by her. Even us mods haven't read everything and I doubt many people have actually read every single thing she ever wrote.

IMPORTANT: When posting an entry to the community, make sure to make it friends-only since we haven't figured out yet how to make the community automatically make all the posts FO yet.

Mods: rose_of_pain and maplecroix