Well...for all of you people who keep trying to fill out the survey to join, I haven't really bothered to look over your applications.

Simply because I feel there is no need for anyone to join if the community is dead. And I forgot that those trying to get in can't see the fact that community is dead.

Kinda sad that it died before it even got to live much. I tried to get some discussion going but I guess while the idea was really good, we can't seem to ever come up with anything to discuss.

So unless you all really want to try reviving this community, I'm probably going to shut it down soon.
adieu ~kiss~ (kireirociel)

Member Questionaire

This is the one and only public entry on this community. This community is members-only so please check the user info about joining if you wish to do so. The following is the questionnaire that members need to fill out in order to be approved for joining.

These questions are meant to prove to the moderators that you have at least some brains and do want to honestly contribute to discussions. The first question is not to judge you by how many works you've read but so that we can know who is familiar with what texts.


What titles by Yuki-sensei have you read?

How long have you been a fan?

How did you first discover Yuki-sensei and her works?

Why do you read Yuki-sensei's works?

What do you like most about her style (writing and/or artistic style)?

What is your favorite manga of her's? Explain why.

Of all her characters, who do you relate to the most? Explain why. (More than one character is allowed.)


Fill the questionnaire out by replying to this entry with your answers.