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creative mutual brainstorming.

make your dreams into reality!

Creative Mutual Brainstorming
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please read the intro and guidelines before posting. :)

the point of this community is to provide mutual assistance and ideas for making our dreams into reality. we will help each other break our goals down into manageable steps, and offer suggestions about how to accomplish specific tasks. this is a wonderful way to bypass obstacles, and to feel less isolated while you're creating your dream life! the idea of forming a mutual assistance team comes from an excellent book by barbara sher, called Wishcraft. the entire book is online, so you can read it for free by going to the website. reading it is not necessary for participating here, but i recommend the book for anyone who's interested in this sort of community.

here are some guidelines to make it easier to help each other:

  • an introduction to tell us about yourself is always welcome, but not required.

  • it will be easiest to work on one idea per post. post one goal you'd like to reach, your timeline for reaching it, and thoughts about any parts of the goal for which you need help or ideas. anyone with ideas about how to make your dream happen should post comments.

  • lj cuts for longer posts are a good idea.

  • it's okay to work on multiple goals simultaneously, but please post each goal separately.

  • when you've gotten to a new stage in your project, it's okay to make a new post about it to update your progress and get ideas and encouragement for the next step.

  • other people may have already worked on similar projects before. check out the list of memories to see if you can find some ideas before posting.

  • tell all of your friends about this community by posting about it in your journals! the more interested, creative people we can get involved, the better!

  • and as always, spammy posts are not allowed.
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