well hello, i'm jordan, one of the mod's of this dandy community.

we have a good amount of members now to start talking about ish.

first off, i wanted to announce i will be attending the august 30th atreyu show also with god forbid and every time i die. i will be posting pics when i do take them, and hopefully try to meet atreyu after their set.

well thats all for now. and remember tell your friends to join _atreyu101

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atreyu app

->APPLICATION Basics........ Name; Cass Age; 15 Location; Colorado Gender; just a girl. Sexuality; straight as they come Piercings? Tatooes? cartlidge, ears, belly tats Label yourself; im not one to label myself, i hate it. i like alot of things wheter it'd be from hardcore to punk. Love for ATREYU....... Fav Member of the band; Dan Jacobs of course! amazing guitarist. Been to any shows? Ozzfest 2004 Fav lyric(s) or song and why; Bleeding Hearts, the music was really hard and i love the thats my favorite one! How you started listening to them; Gord got me addicted Suicide Notes or The Curse? i heard more songs off of The Curse so i pick that one! Show any good picture of you, has to include your face, and any art work you may have.