paulina g (_paulinaiselite) wrote in _atomic_bomb_,
paulina g

[x]Name:paulinaaaaa g
[x]Age: 14 BUT 15 IN 28 DAYS, BITCHES.
[x]Location: atcooo nj
[x]Favorite Band(s): the shins, the doors, three six mafia, 50 cent, saves the day (shhh), bob dylan, cursive, ima robot, metric, le tigre, modest mouse, q and not u, fleetwood mac
[x]Hobbies: drinking and sleeping. agaghahgah.
[x]--at least 3 pictures--

[x] post 150 x 150 for members page [just in case you get accepted]:


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    i'm a loser. with no life. so i made accepted/rejected/etc. banners for the community.

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