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Welcome to Asylum, where your mind is always free to wander. Established in 2002, this community was built on the premise that everyone needs a place to sound off. We don't mind morbid or psychotic, so rest assured that this is a place open to all of your thoughts and ideas, as well as suggestions. Anyone is free to join - so long as you don't mind the screaming at night. Go ahead and ramble, role-play, complain, create, sass, scream or whatever you want to do. Please remember that your mental well-being and rehabilitation is very important to us, so if you have any problems, suggestions, or questions, feel free to contact any of our staff members via the nurse_station.

Standard Procedure
Every asylum has it's rules. Here are ours:
1. Please fill out our "New Member Registration" to get a room on the site: click here. Asylum Online is currently under construction. Please just post an introduction directly to the community!
2. Please click here to leave a comment on your first day. This is for our Veterans Awards. Veterans awards will reboot in August 2011
3. Be in your rooms after lights out.
4. Play nice with the other patients. This is a therapeutic environment and abuse of staff or other patients will NOT be tolerated here. We will delete all posts of an intentionally disrespectful nature, as well as disrespectful comments to other people's posts.
5. Be creative! (We know you can do that, or you wouldn't be here).
6. No advertising communities here. If you wish to affiliate with our community, please click here to email us with a brief description of your community, and your banner or button. Please make sure it is no bigger than 150X50 pixels. Your affiliation will appear on the website.
7. Pictures are welcome here. Remember though: Things of a graphic nature, including nudity and graphic violence, must be behind an lj-cut. Large images must also be behind an lj-cut.
8. All images of nudity and pornographic writing must be of people (be it yourself or others) over the age of eighteen. These things must always be behind an lj-cut. Please include a warning in your post if it contains graphic material behind the cut, a lot of us check from work, and there are also people who could be triggered by certain material.
9. Take your meds. Your nurses and doctors love you. We are here as much as humanly possible to help you or chat with you. We do not guarantee 24 hour availability, but we try.
10. Yes. They are after you. Sorry.

To see the _asylum_ book we published last year, "Inside the Inmates", check our satellite community: inmatesminds. Be sure to send in your submission for this year's book! For more information on this year's asylum book and how to make your submission, go here & here.


Our Staff
In no particular order, we give you:
Nurse stillbourne
Nurse doomdays
Nurse timeworn
Doctor onewho

Please click here to go directly to the nurse_station to schedule IM chats, or leave a message for your favorite staff members, or to address a concern.
(we will be updating these shortly.)

We are please to have satellite communities on the following sites:
Our Facebook Community
Our Twitter "Asylum Loudspeaker"
Our Tumbler

Please add us wherever appropriate. all of these are monitored by our staff.

stillbourne for the creation and continued maintenance of the Asylum Online. Please note that Asylum Online is currently undergoing renovations.

milou_veronica for layout & graphics here.

apricot_13 for nurse_station's layout & graphics.

Please refer to the Livejournal Rules of Conduct if there are grey areas that you are confused about as far as posting goes. Please note that the owners/moderators of this community are not liable for advice given out or recommendations dispensed by other members.
Be aware that the Staff/Moderators are NOT licensed medical staff, we are not professionals and we do not claim repsonsibility for you or your actions. We are here on a voluntary basis and are possibly more crazy than YOU are to want to run this place.